Горячее желание / Blue Angel (Burning Desire ) (2011) HDTV

Горячее желание / Blue Angel (Burning Desire ) (2011) HDTV

Оригинальное название: Blue Angel (Burning Desire )
Название: Горячее желание
Жанр: All Sex, Teen
В ролях: Blue Angel
Продолжительность: 00:25:13
Язык: оригинал

Описание:Blue loves sex, it's really as simple as that. Her lust for both men and women is intense and when those feelings take over her there are no cameras, no lights, nothing except for her and her partner.
Martin was like an over-excited young man the moment he met Blue and we could tell by the way they reacted to one another that the scene was going to be super hot. Once the two were together on the bed, holding each other and gazing into each others eyes there was no stopping them, for them this wasn't a performance, it was an intimate moment of lascivious hunger. Our cameraman was simply trying to keep up and capture this ardent love scene as beautifully as possible.

There was no direction whatsoever in this scene, it is free-flowing, raw and completely natural, what Blue and Martin wanted to do with each other, they did. Their focus on each other is intense, just check out the scene and count how many times Blue reaches climax. Her orgasms come thick and she trembles and loses herself in the moment frequently. Martin too can hardly hold back, her warm wet pussy sucks his bulky cock deep inside her and the way she fucks would take any man instantly to the edge of orgasm.
A natural, beautiful and sensual scene, but also intense, hardcore and glowing with feeling. This is the closest high-quality pornography gets to that same level of genuine intimacy seen in amateur homemade porn.

Горячее желание / Blue Angel (Burning Desire ) (2011) HDTV Горячее желание / Blue Angel (Burning Desire ) (2011) HDTV

Качество: HD 720p
Формат: MOV
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 25fps 2982kbps
Аудио : AAC 44100Hz stereo 191kbps
Размер: 573.29 Мб

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